Rail Anchors

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies Fair® rail anchors have been in regular use since 1906. The unique design is made of a special T-shaped spring steel, forged and heat treated for uniform strength and lasting service. Fair® rail anchors are a "drive-on" design that offers the following benefits:

  • Provide full rail base contact
  • Distribute creeping loads evenly
  • Eliminate sleeper chewing and climbing
  • Deliver largest sleeper bearing area

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies Fair® rail anchors are available for almost any rail size in two types: XL-1 Fair® for standard applications and Improved Fair® for heavy duty and challenging installations.


Continuous Refinement
Constant appraisal of rail anchor manufacturing processes assures the FAIR® Rail Anchor will remain the dominant anchor in track

Overdrive Stop
Assures proper application every time, by either manual or machine application

Platform provides full rail base contact. FAIR® is the only anchor to eliminate flex in frozen ballast rail “pumping” conditions

Tie Bearing Area
A greater contact area than any other design reduces wood fibre crushing prolonging sleeper life

Jaw Grip
The vice-like action on rail base resists rail movement on average more than any other drive-on anchor. Provides superior holding power!

High Quality
With premium quality steel anchor integrity is maintained for long lasting service

Our Purpose

Improve the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks