Site Surveying

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies’ experienced and dedicated Technical Support Team offers an unrivalled capability for the surveying of lubricator locations and customer’s requirements.

Our technical support engineers regularly meet with rail engineers to determine their needs in terms of rail/wheel lubrication.

Irrespective of time, date, location or weather our Technical Support Team will visit a customer’s chosen site and discuss what solutions L.B. Foster Rail Technologies can provide to improve current track conditions.

Rail Friction Management Solutions

High Speed TriboRailer® Solution

The rail industry recognizes the benefits of proper system-wide lubrication. Analysing how much lubricant is left on the rail, particularly along the entrance and exits of curves, as well as how effective different lubricants are have long been concerns of wheel/rail interface investigators. Knowing the coefficient of friction at the wheel/rail interface is a critical element of the process. By managing the coefficient, the industry minimizes its cost of operations. For example, if the coefficient is too high, fuel consumption, rail wear, and noise all increase, particularly along curved track. If the coefficient is too low, locomotive traction is compromised, braking distances increase, costly lubricant is wasted, and the environment is unduly impacted.

To maintain its highest operational state, the rail industry needs the capability to verify the effectiveness of rail lubrication system-wide. Increased freight and transit system traffic levels reduce the time available to inspect track for proper lubrication. Recognising the need within the industry to complete a system-wide lubrication analysis with minimal service disruption, Salient offers a lightweight, automated high speed tribometer to assess lubrication conditions.

The TriboRailer® is a four-wheeled, twin-hulled carriage that attaches to and operates from a companion vehicle at speeds of 30 mph. Designed to meet the rugged requirements demanded of it for heavy field use, it provides a quick and efficient way to measure the top of rail and rail flange lubrication conditions of both rails simultaneously. A laptop computer within the companion vehicle directs measurement collection while pinpointing location by satellite. From the data, the computer generates a complete history of the region's state of lubrication. If obstacles are encountered while collecting data, the measurement wheels retract automatically, out of harm's way. Should the companion vehicle need to clear the track quickly, the TriboRailer® easily retracts into an upright position without disassembly.

The TriboRailer® is an invaluable tool to ensure infrastructure lubrication programs are optimised, both in terms of understanding of the effectiveness of rail lubricants and the scheduling of their application.

Portable Tribometer Solution

in the field, our SALIENT hand pushed tribometer is the most effective, user-friendly method in the rail industry to spot-check the coefficient of friction of rail/wheel interfaces. A terrific tool to validate the quality of rail lubrication methods at specific track locations, the Tribometer is customisable to any track gage to conveniently measure the coefficient of friction at any point along rail from the top of the running surface to the lower edge of the gage face.

An operator pushes the device at walking speeds to collect readings while a proprietary algorithm reviews the data for accuracy. After measurements are validated, the easily manoeuvrable, compact device fits securely within a carrying case for travel or storage.

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