L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK)

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Limited is the UK and European operation of L.B. Foster Rail Technologies, Inc USA, whose headquarters are in Pittsburgh. PA

Operating as a united business and solely focused on the rail industry L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is ideally placed to serve its customer base to the highest standards.

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies operates in two distinct product areas within the rail industry:

Friction Management

As an innovative developer of friction control solutions that serve to reduce, increase or control friction at the wheel/rail interface; our systems reduce costs and improve performance.

Already delivering substantial performance benefits to leading transit and freight rail companies, our friction control solutions offer optimised equipment performance and proven cost savings to a wide range of customers worldwide.

We market our solutions to customers in both liquid and solid stick friction products, which are simple to use, long lasting and environmentally safe.

The company is actively expanding the markets it serves through existing business alliances with major transit systems and rail original equipment manufacturers. Our systems deliver:

  • Reduced noise
  • Increased rail life
  • Increased wheel life
  • Fuel efficiency/ greenhouse gas savings
  • Reduced lateral forces
  • Reduced short pitch corrugations

Trackside Equipment

We are specialist manufacturers of rail lubrication dispensing equipment for transit, tramway and freight rail applications.

Hardware designers, manufacturers and suppliers of dispensing equipment for a variety of rail friction management control products.

On track rail lubrication equipment, adhesion control equipment, anti-icing equipment and friction modification dispensing equipment.

Tribology expertise

Extensive field service skills in the measurement of noise, corrugation and wheel wear rates.

On-Board Solutions

LB Foster Rail Technologies has developed a range of proprietary solutions to control friction between the wheel and the rail for transit and freight rail industries.

The company provides a range of on-board solutions to friction modification, in both liquid and solid stick form.

Field Service

Our range of Friction Management solutions is supported by extensive field service skills in the measurement of noise, corrugation and wheel wear rates.

Track Components

At the heart of L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) is a blend of extensive rail track experience and practical component manufacture making the company a highly credible partner for your track component requirements.

Our staff boasts extensive knowledge of specialist track work design & manufacture gained from vast experience of international railroads, from heavy haul to commuter and transit.

This experience is backed by an in-house product development and research facility, supported by rigorous testing of assembled product and an expansive stock range in core products

Manufacturers of insulated joint kits and suppliers of an extensive range of track components including, fastenings, screwspikes, joint bars, rail anchors, direct fix fastening systems.

Specialists in supply logistics

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies is the UK’s leading stockist and distributor of:

  • Track fastenings
  • Screwspikes
  • Mechanical fishplates
  • Rail direct fixation bolting
  • Drive on rail anchors
  • Insulating track components
  • Rolled steel baseplates
  • Track maintenance equipment

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies dedicated stock range is tailored to meet the needs of the industry.


Our Purpose

Improve the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks