Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK)’s sister division SALIENT SYSTEMS Inc is recognised as a global leader and premiere innovator in real-time failure mode detection for the rail industry.

Salient's IntelliTrack® solutions lead the way by bringing new technologies and the power of information to the rail industry. These are now available in the UK and Europe L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK).


Faulty track and equipment cause half of all train derailments. The resulting cost to the global rail industry in materials alone demands a pro-active solution, but when costs for personal injury, hazardous material clean up, litigation and lost productivity are also factored in, the case for a new way of thinking becomes even more powerful. As the tempo of worldwide operations increase, so does the need for value-added smart systems to manage reliability and safety through early warning of emerging problems.

Management by prevention is the key. Real-time monitoring of the health of rail and the performance of trains lowers the risk of catastrophic derailments and promotes timely, cost-effective preventative maintenance. The most dangerous defects in rail infrastructure are the ones invisible to the human eye. IntelliTrack® solutions integrate advanced failure detection technologies with sophisticated decision-making software tools to enable the international rail industry capture value by safely reducing the distance between trains in a right of way.

Salient's IntelliTrack® solutions are used in over twelve countries. Our customers include Amtrak, UP, BNSF, CN, CP, CSX, FEC, NS, Via Rail, Banverket, Network Rail, BHP, CANAC, CVRD, QCM, QNS&L, SNCF, SNIM, BART, BMTA, EAR, LACMTA, MBTA, JR East, SkyTrain, TTCI, Russian Federation, V-Line Passenger, Strukton, KCSM, Ferromex, Rio Tinto, China Ministry of Railways, China Urumchi Railroad Administration, and China Liu Zhou Railroad Administration.

Trackside Data Collection Systems

Salient is the premier supplier of state-of-the-art trackside monitoring and failure detection systems to the global rail industry. By understanding how to extract key information from complex track/train dynamics, Salient empowers progressive railroads and transit systems with real-time information to optimise fleet operations and warn of potential derailment conditions. With well over a hundred trackside locations from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Circle, Salient satisfies the toughest demands of heavy haul, light rail, passenger, and mining environments worldwide.

Our Purpose

Improve the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks