Rail Lubrication and Friction Management

For over 90 years L.B. Foster has been at the forefront of rail lubrication innovation.

Today, L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) is an innovative developer of friction control solutions that serve to reduce, increase or control friction at the wheel/rail interface; our systems reduce costs and improve performance.

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) is committed to the continuous advancement of lubrication and friction management science and its effect on 'wheel/rail interaction'.

We recognise that no single type of application system can satisfy the varying needs of every rail operator. The wide range of operating conditions found in the rail industry dictates a multi-systems approach involving on board (mobile & vehicle mounted) and trackside technologies combined with the provision of project management services.

You'll find innovation in every facet of our approach and advanced thinking in our Total Friction Management™ programme.

Already delivering substantial performance benefits to leading transit and freight rail companies, our friction control solutions offer optimised equipment performance and proven cost savings to a wide range of customers worldwide.

We market our solutions in both liquid and solid stick friction products, which are simple to use, long lasting and environmentally safe.

The company is actively expanding the markets it serves through existing business alliances with major transit systems and original equipment manufacturers. Our systems deliver:

  • Reduced noise
  • Increased rail life
  • Increased wheel life
  • Fuel efficiency/ greenhouse gas savings
  • Reduced lateral forces
  • Reduced short pitch corrugations

Solutions include:

  • Electric Lubricators
  • Top of Rail Friction Management Systems
  • Hydraulic Lubricators
  • Mechanical Lubricators
  • On Board Solutions
  • Traction Enhancement
  • Anti-Icer Equipment

Our Purpose

Improve the design and supply of products and services required to enhance the performance of rail networks