Traction Enhancement

Traction Gel Applicators

The Traction Gel Applicator (TGA) applies Traction Gel to the rail head to combat the build up of leaf contamination on the head of the running rail(s)

The gel is picked up by the train wheels and carried along, treating both the wheels and the rail head.

Unlike the MPV’s which are used to lay traction gel on the rail, TGA’s apply the product as every train passes and therefore provides continuous conditioning.

TGA De-commissioning, Servicing & Re-commissioning

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) offers a full service provision for Traction Gel Applicators. Typically these units are in service for 14 weeks per year, L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) offers to de-commission units, fully service and store them off site at their own facilities prior to re-commissioning them ahead of the next autumn leaf fall season.  

Traction Gel - Alleviate

To complement the range of hardware solutions available from L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) the company has recently developed a friction modifier in the form of a traction enhancer - ALLEVIATE®. The availability of a traction gel enables PRG to provide a complete solution to the customer.

ALLEVIATE® has been scientifically formulated in partnership with The University of Sheffield and has been developed for use in both the L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) Traction Gel Applicator and also other systems such as Multi Purpose Vehicles (MPVs)

ALLEVIATE® has been developed using L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK)’s extensive knowledge of friction modifiers and the behaviour & effect of the particles at the wheel/rail interface. The formulation of ALLEVIATE® has been supported by extensive analysis at all stages of the development project, including field trials, laboratory study and performance testing on the SUROS twin disk machine at the University of Sheffield.

Our Purpose

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