Electric Lubricators

PROTECTOR® Field Installations

The most common installation of a rail lubricator is alongside the track ahead of the curve. The PROTECTOR® electric lubricator is an efficient compact design that allows easier locating in the field but still retains the benefits of good reservoir size and a clean hands compartment for access to the control systems.

Designed for a simple, fast installation and a easily accessible maintenance regime the PROTECTOR® electric lubricator is an ideal field installation solution.

PROTECTOR® Urban Installations

Urban installations can be provided as either “In-street” or “In-ground” solutions at the preference of both the rail operator and the local authority.

Both solutions utilise the electronic control system of the more common field installed solutions but are configured to suit the local environment in which they are located.


For In-street solutions PROTECTOR® Electric Lubricators are sited on the pavement or at road junctions and then enclosed in a vandal prove stainless steel cabinet for security and protection.

Distribution bars are place below surface in galvanized steel enclosures which are then embedded in the road. The distribution bars are accessible via the steel enclosure tops for routine maintenance and inspection. Once installed the In- street PROTECTOR® lubricator provides a tamper proof solution to rail friction management whilst still providing road vehicles with an unobstructed route of travel through urban environments.


For locations where restrictions prevent the siting of lubricators above ground. Here the product reservoir and pumping mechanism is installed below the surface in a steel enclosure. The electronics are housed in a separate cabinet on a wall or pole close to the site. Distribution bars are installed in enclosures as the In-street version or alternatively product is applied through holes drilled in the rails.

PROTECTOR® Wall Mounted Installations

Wall mounted solutions are provided in areas where trackside access is limited or prohibited. Typically wall mounted lubricators will be in tunnel environments with the unit fixed directly to the tunnel wall.

Wall mounted solutions use the same electronic control system as the more common field installed lubricators but they are housed in a slim, vertical cabinet configured to suit the local environment in which they are located.

Standard wall mounted designs exist and can be offered off the shelf but our design engineers can work with clients to create bespoke designs to suit any application.

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