AIA – Anti-Ice Applicators

Stranded rail vehicles due to frozen conductor rails have become a more frequent problem in recent times.  Not only does this result in significant time delays affecting rail services the stranded vehicle will have no power, heating or lighting!

Ice on the conductor rail reduces the available voltage detected by the vehicle. At a pre-set voltage, the vehicle will shut down, believing that the collector shoe has straddled a gap in the conductor rail.

The problem typically occurs at low speed. At higher speeds, power draw is much reduced. Additionally, as the vehicle is travelling faster, it is probable that the collector shoe can find alternative areas where power is available.

The Anti-Ice Applicator from L.B. Foster Rail Technologies (UK) applies an anti-icing solution to the top of the conductor rail in regions where power draw is the highest, for example at acceleration points when starting off from a station or halt signal.

The anti-Ice solution is carried along the rail by the collector shoe and prevents the build-up of ice which can form an insulating layer, preventing the train from obtaining traction current.

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